Writing Bad Checks in Las Vegas

Implications of a Bad Check

Writing a “bad check” can have serious legal implications in Nevada. It doesn’t matter whether you intended to defraud the other party or you simply wrote the check and knew that you didn’t have enough money in your account to cover the amount.

Some people write checks the day before they get paid. They assume that the money will be in their accounts before the checks that they wrote are cashed. This is called “playing the float.” It seems that checks clear the bank a lot faster than they did in the past, but deposits are still delayed. Writing a bad check for $250 or less is a misdemeanor in Nevada. If the amount exceeds $250, the violation is classified as a felony. When the other party contacts you about the insufficient funds check, you have five days to make restitution. If you can’t cover the check, ask whether you can set up a payment plan.

If the district attorney’s office contacts you about the bad check, you should immediately speak to a defense attorney. You only have 10 days to answer the district attorney’s notice. If you fail to respond before the deadline, a warrant for your arrest can be issued.

It’s important that you know your rights and have an experienced legal advisor when discussing the issue with the district attorney.