Wire Fraud Laws in Nevada

What you Need to Know about Federal Wire Fraud Laws 

Wire fraud is a federal crime, and is spelled out under Title 18 of the U.S. Code. It occurs whenever “wired” communications such as telephone or email are used to perpetrate a scam or otherwise carry out fraudulent activity. The law is written in such a way that any future forms of electronic communications that have not yet been invented are covered.

To be guilty of wire fraud, an individual must have:

*Carried out a fraudulent scheme that caused another to lose money or property
*Intended to defraud the victim
*Made material misrepresentations of the truth that were key to carrying out the fraud
*Used wire communications to commit the act

The penalty for wire fraud is up to twenty years in prison and a monetary fine; however, that sentence can be increased to 30 years if it involves a financial institution or federal disaster relief. In that instance, the fine can be as steep as one million dollars.

Parole is not available for federal inmates, so individuals will have to serve their entire sentence before being released. Getting help for federal wire charges is as easy as contacting the Potter Law Firm at 702-385-1954 for a free consultation of your case.