Having a Winning Criminal Defense Team

What Makes a Winning Criminal Defense Team?

Whatever the criminal charge you may be facing, it is imperative that you understand your legal rights. There are always options for the defendant, such as plea bargaining, where the prosecution agrees to lesser charges and the defendant agrees to plead guilty to them, but unless you are knowledgeable about these legal procedures, you won’t be able to attain the best results.
To find out the options you are entitled to, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Potter Law Firm.Cal Potter believes in giving his clients a second chance. With competent advice and guidance throughout all phases of the legal process, his knowledge in Nevada criminal law will help you determine the best strategy to use, and then your lawyer will represent you successfully in a court of law.The successful criminal defense lawyers from the Potter legal team are expertly experienced with criminal charges in Las Vegas, including DUIs, illegal drugs, rape, robbery, assault, battery, domestic violence, credit card fraud, sex crimes, illegal firearms possession, Federal Crimes, kidnapping, failure to appear and trespassing to name a few.

The Potter legal team led by Cal Potter has devoted over 30 years to the knowledge of the Nevada Statutes as well as litigating successfully before a judge. With an extensive knowledge of the legal process and expert courtroom skills, our team continually wins the best outcomes for our clients.