Will Your Lawyer Compete for You?

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

A Competitive Spirit Determines a Litigator

Among the most advantageous of all the traits that determine n accomplished trial attorney, the competitive spirit ranks at the top. This characteristic is one that cannot be learned or acquired, but it is an innate part of the legal tool kit of successful attorneys. This competitive spirit is inbred in effective litigators, and they are ready to win in any situation, to prove the truth. Cal Potter is focused on justice, so his practice is established not only to find the details that would acquit his client, but also to win the not guilty verdict in court. This is the competitive spirit, and a trial attorney who thrives on the more difficult cases must have this natural trait.

This characteristic is obvious in a trial when unplanned moments arise, and they never phase a litigator like Cal Potter. This could be the “One Thing” that could win or lose a case, so an expert litigator does not bypass the opportunity. To Mr. Potter, there are no routine trials and the excitement of the victory is in every moment. Mr. Potter learned early in his career that he appreciates the challenge, and now after 35 years, he is driven to represent and win the more difficult cases.

If your charges are weighing you down, it’s time you contact the Potter Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. This meeting will allow you to discuss the details of the charges and learn your rights according to Nevada law. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, if the crimes were committed in Nevada, Mr. Potter has the experience and the qualities of a superb trial attorney to bring you as close to justice as possible. He is also licensed in surrounding states if the charges are from outside Nevada. His motto remains that every person deserves his day in court and that would improve the entire legal system.