Why You Will Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las vegas

Being charged with a crime in Nevada is always a serious issue, especially in Las Vegas, because prosecutors in the Las Vegas area are always serious about controlling crime in the city. Las Vegas is easily one of the most high-profile cities in the United States, and keeping the crime rate as low as possible is a focus of local law enforcement officials. What this means is that anytime you are charged with any criminal misconduct in Las Vegas it is vital to have an experienced criminal defense attorney like the professionals at Potter Law Offices handling your case.

Evidence Evaluation
Prosecutors often act as though they are entitled to a conviction following filing criminal charges, but the truth is that each article of evidence should always be evaluated. Your criminal defense attorney from Potter Law Offices can investigate the charges and address any issues associated with inadmissible evidence or illegal search and seizure. This happens more often than people realize, and your attorney can ensure that all your constitutional rights regarding criminal prosecution are enforced. Many times, evidence is borderline at best, and probable cause can be eliminated when all case facts are heard. In addition, your attorney from Potter Law Offices can question the testimony of the arresting officers, which is a legal task that a novice defendant will rarely be able to do successfully.

Going to Trial
Many criminal cases do not go to trial when the state has a solid case against a defendant. However, having a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer means that your chances for a charge reduction and minimal penalties are possible. When charges are weak and we think we can win an acquittal at trial, we have no problem taking your defense to the full extent of the law. But in cases of valid charges, we also understand how to develop a defense that limits the personal damage of a conviction as much as possible.

Criminal convictions have a way of impacting the defendant’s life in many ways. Retaining a Las Vegas criminal lawyer like the pros at Potter Law Offices to defend a criminal charge is always an investment in your personal future.