When Sexual Misconduct Hits the Church

Archbishop Nienstedt Charged with 10 Counts of Sexual Misconduct 

Crimes that involve illicit sex, any sex act that is not consensual, is illegal and listed in statute NRS 179. It includes rape, indecent exposure, prostitution, solicitation or sex acts involving children. Sexual abuse has no boundaries; people from every nationality, age and economic level participate in sex crimes, and in July, another man in ministry was arrested for 10 counts of sexual misconduct.  This was not a local Las Vegas minister, but we certainly have had our share of such cases in our past.In July, an ongoing investigation began with the Pope of St Paul and Minneapolis concerning sexual allegations against Archbishop John Nienstedt. The arch diocese has hired a second criminal attorney, Peter Wold, to investigate further. Results have not been made available. It is apparent that much of this crime has been covered up.

As of November 26, 10 men have come forward accusing Nienstedt of sexual misconduct while they were either in the seminary or serving as priests. This matches statistics, which report that 75 percent of rape victims were sexually abused by people they know. In this case, victims held onto their “secret” until the allegations were out. Statistics show that only 30 percent of sexual assault cases are reported to authorities.

Since sexual abuse is, by nature, a hidden crime providing facts on sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse is an effective way of raising awareness in the community. Awareness of the facts is a preventative measure that will assist you in making safer decisions. If you have been arrested for sexual assault or any other sex crime in Las Vegas, contact a law firm with experience.

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