When Police are Asking Questions

What to Do When Questioned by Police

Many people find it difficult to remain calm when they are confused and frightened. It’s especially important that you exercise restraint when interacting with police officers who want to question you about a crime that you did not commit. This may be particularly difficult if you are a young person. If officers are accusing you and demanding that you answer their questions, follow these tips.

Do not inflame the situation. Keep your composure even if the officers are making comments that you find offensive. Don’t panic or express hostility. Becoming aggressive won’t help the situation. It may hurt your case in the long run.

Ask the law enforcement officers if they are placing you under arrest. If they say no, politely refuse to answer their questions and walk away. Immediately invoke your right to legal counsel if they arrest you. If you are a juvenile, call your parents or legal guardian. You have the right to refuse questioning until your lawyer is present. Police officers are required by law to stop the interrogation when you request legal representation. Ensure that you provide full disclosure of the situation to your attorney. Dishonesty will jeopardize your case.

People are falsely accused every day. You must take the necessary steps to protect your future. An experienced defense attorney can protect your rights by mounting a strong legal defense.