When is Abortion Legal in Las Vegas?

Abortion is legal in Nevada when performed by a licensed physician in a medical setting using industry-standard procedures. When the person performing the abortion is not medically licensed, the act is illegal and considered to be voluntary manslaughter. This crime is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine as high as $10,000.

The act of conducting an illegal abortion can include a number of things. For example, if individuals supply or administer drugs that would terminate a pregnancy, they are performing an illegal abortion. It’s also against the law to use any type of instrument to terminate a pregnancy, even if the expectant mother performs this act herself.

Under Nevada law, the woman who is seeking an illegal abortion can be charged as well as the actor. Attempting to carry out an abortion is also a crime, and the law does not require a woman to actually be pregnant before the accused can be charged. This means that giving pregnancy-terminating drugs to a woman who is not pregnant could carry the same penalties as it would if she were expecting.

Concealing the birth of a child is also against the law in Nevada. It’s irrelevant whether the baby died before or after birth; however, parents who are responsible for a child’s death after it is born alive will face murder charges. Women who are facing a crisis pregnancy can seek help from a pregnancy resource center rather than taking drastic measures on their own.