When Battery Results in Death

fightPhysical altercations happen frequently in Las Vegas. Perhaps it’s the mix of the 24-hour lifestyle combined with drinking and partying that causes so much mayhem. A night of carousing ended particularly badly for a man named DaShawn Hawkins early in May of 2015. Hawkins was found in the valet area of the Paris Hotel and Casino. He was unresponsive, and witnesses suggest that he was punched. Hawkins’ assailant had fled the scene, but the damage was done. The victim died at UMC shortly thereafter.

This instance is a particularly extreme one. Most people who are the victims of battery in Nevada do not die as a result of their injuries. Still, a person who is charged with battery under 200.481 may be looking at very serious consequences. Those consequences are lighter if the battery was minor and resulted in few or no injuries. However, the penalties climb if a weapon was involved or if a police officer is attacked.

If you have been charged with battery in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, then you need aggressive legal representation to defend your case. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have the skill and experience necessary to protect your rights. Remember that the prosecutor’s office is not on your side.