When Accused of Being an Accessory to a Crime

Defending Against Accessory Charges

You can be charged as an accessory if you have information that a criminal act will be, or has been, committed and you did not report it to the police. Accessory before the fact cases are not prosecuted very often. It is difficult to prove that an individual had prior knowledge of the crime and provided some type of support to the perpetrator. You should never assume that the district attorney won’t bring charges. Prosecutions for being an accessory after the fact are much more common. Anything that you do to assist or protect the alleged perpetrator can be construed as a furtherance of the crime.

A person can be accused of aiding and abetting under similar circumstances as those required for accessory. One major difference is that aiding and abetting only requires that you knew about the crime and did nothing to prevent it. Common examples of aiding and abetting include helping the perpetrator flee the crime scene, creating a false alibi and providing information that you knew would facilitate criminal activity. The penalty for these offenses can be severe because the federal statute authorizes prosecutors to bring the same charges against the individual as those who are charged with the actual crime. An individual who aided and abetted someone who committed a Category A felony is subject to five years in prison to a life term without parole. If you have been arrested for aiding and abetting or as an accessory, it is imperative that you contact experienced criminal defense lawyers Las Vegas. An attorney can help you understand the legal implications of your case, discuss the events that led to the charges and formulate your defense.

It’s essential that you take the required steps to defend yourself. Some people think that they can clear their name without the benefit of professional legal counsel. Criminal convictions have long-term consequences. You can lose your freedom. A criminal record can prevent you from holding certain professions or certificates. The legal process can be frightening to individuals who have been charged, particularly those who are young or falsely accused.

Whenever you are charged or accused of a crime, it is important that you invoke two rights. The first is the right to remain silent and the second is the right to legal counsel.

The experienced legal representation of a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas will ensure that your rights are protected.