What to Expert After a Vegas DUI

iStock_000016224740SmallWhat to Expect after a DUI in Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ reputation as a party hotspot means that a good number of people flock here to engage in carefree behavior. This often includes alcohol, which is why the Nevada legislature has enacted strict laws concerning driving under the influence (DUI).

To be arrested for DUI, motorists must register .08% or higher on a breathalyzer test. Refusing to submit to such a test could result in a warrant to obtain a blood sample. It could also result in the suspension of one’s driver’s license for a period of time, in addition to other fines and penalties.

A first offense can net an individual two days in jail, and that amount of time increases to 10 days for a second offense or one year for a third offense. The use of an ignition interlock device for between three and six months will also be required, even for first-time offenders. DUI charges can sometimes be reduced through plea bargaining, and it is also possible to win a “not guilty” verdict from a jury. Since there is a lot at stake in one of these cases, defendants should contact an attorney shortly after their arrest in order to see what if any defenses are available.