What is the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

AThere is a Difference Between Assault and Battery

Most people do not know the difference between assault and battery. A battery charge is when the aggressor is actually striking a person, and there are different types according to the intensity of the act. (NRS200.481) Assault is threatening to hurt or kill another person.

Battery is also defined as having the intent to harm with violence, and the different types of battery include misdemeanor, domestic violence, using a deadly weapon and causing substantial harm. When battery is directed towards certain professions, such as police officers, taxi drivers, judges, firefighters, school employees or healthcare workers the penalty can be increased.
Defenses an Experienced Lawyer Could Use to Reduce Charges
There are certain defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney can use to reduce the penalties and sentencing for their client. Experience with assault and battery cases allows lawyers to have several options in defending their clients. Here are four possible defenses.• The actions were in self defense
• The assault was carried out with the consent of the victim
• The injury caused was not intended
• The defendant did not believe the actions would cause injuries.Actual Battery Incident in Las Vegas

Flavor Flay, the rap artist, was arrested and charged for assault with a deadly weapon and battery. William Drayton or Flavor Flay was in an argument with his fiancé, and he threw her to the ground several times. Then he chased his stepson and daughter through the house with two knives. He made threats to his fiancé’s son, and he faces 30 years because of prior violence charges. Flavor Flay was put in jail and had a $20,000 bond for assault and a $3,000 bond for battery. If you need to discuss assault or battery charges you may be facing, contact the Potter Law Firm.