What Does It Mean to Receive Money Under False Pretenses?

embezzlementEvery year several decent Nevada citizens are charged under NRS 205.380. Usually it’s a simple misunderstanding that results in charges under this law for obtaining money by false pretenses. Nonetheless, it’s a serious matter, one that requires the immediate attention of a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

Several situations can lead to charges under NRS 205.380.It may be a landlord receiving rent money while preventing the tenant from actually occupying the space. It may also occur when a person receives payment for a job that they did not actually complete. Charges of obtaining money under false pretenses may also be brought if a person receives payment for goods and then fails to actually deliver the goods to the buyer.

If the amount of money obtained is less than $650, then the crime is usually considered a misdemeanor. Still, a person convicted of this misdemeanor will be expected to make restitution and may face six months in jail and considerable fines. The penalties become even more serious if the amount of money was greater than $650. In addition to making restitution, a person found guilty of this felony may spend between one and six years in prison and be subject to fines of up to $10,000.

You don’t have to accept your situation if you’ve been charged under NRS 205.380. Fight back by hiring the criminal defense professionals at the Potter Law Offices. With their assistance it may be possible to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.