Weapons Laws in Nevada

Know the law when it Comes to Weapons in Nevada 

Guns are legal in Nevada; however, there are restrictions on their use and possession. As such, people could be charged with a weapons offense if they carry a weapon in an unauthorized area, possess one while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or discharge a weapon recklessly. The various offenses related to weapons are spelled out in Chapter 202 of the Nevada Revised Statute.

The punishment for a weapons offense can range from monetary fines to jail time, depending on the nature of the offense. When the act is a violation of probation, the accused then stands the chance of being taken back to court in order to have the original sentence modified. This in turn can result in a defendant facing jail time and additional penalties for probation revocation.

It’s important for gun owners to know the law and be aware of their rights, as not knowing what the law is cannot be a viable excuse for disobeying it. Even so, defenses are still available for weapons offenses, which is why you should speak with an attorney after an arrest to see which ones might apply in your situation. In Las Vegas, contact the Potter Law Firm to find out more.