Weapons in Las Vegas

It’s not necessary to have a license to purchase a gun in Nevada. However, anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon does have to meet strict guidelines to obtain a permit. If you’re facing weapons charges in Nevada, then you need an aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense attorney working on your case.

For a weapon to be considered “concealed” in Nevada, it must not be readily observable. Accordingly, a concealed weapon could be carried in a pocket, under a jacket or in a purse or backpack. While most people think of guns when they hear “concealed weapon,” the law actually applies to a range of other implements like machetes and explosives.

However, the law says that it’s generally not legal to carry concealed weapons that are not firearms unless permission has been requested and received from the local sheriff’s department. If you want to carry a concealed gun, then it is necessary to apply for a permit in the county in which you live. An applicant must be 21 or older and not legally prohibited from owning a firearm. Additionally, the applicant has to complete a firearms course.

Someone who has an outstanding arrest warrant, a felony conviction or a conviction for domestic violence or stalking may not hold a concealed weapons permit. Known habitual users of drugs and those who have been declared incompetent or insane by the court are similarly prohibited.

Having a valid permit does not grant the ability to carry a gun everywhere. Public schools, childcare facilities and airports are all included on the list of places where it is not legal to carry concealed weapons. Law enforcement agency offices and all government buildings are also off limits.

Anyone who violates these or any other restrictions of Nevada’s concealed carry laws may suffer serious consequences. Being caught with a concealed gun and no permit is a category C felony that can lead to between one and five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Contact a weapons charges attorney in Las Vegas to defend your rights. The consequences for a conviction are severe, but it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped.