Warrants in Las Vegas

A warrant may be issued for your arrest for numerous reasons in Nevada. Arrest warrants are requested by the police when they believe that someone has committed a crime. Bench warrants are issued by judges, typically when someone is considered in contempt of court. When an arrest warrant is issued, this usually means that a criminal court proceeding begins. However, a bench warrant can be issued in connection with a wide variety of matters that do not necessarily belong in criminal court.

Having a warrant out for your arrest is no small matter. In fact, you might want to enlist the services of a Las Vegas defense attorney as soon as you find out that authorities are looking for you. Doing so may help you avoid an embarrassing situation and may keep you out of further legal entanglements.

If the police believe that you robbed a bank or vandalized a public school, then they may ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant for you. However, a judge may issue a bench warrant without being asked by law enforcement. This means that if a judge finds that you are in contempt of court for any reason, they can order the issuance of a bench warrant. If you don’t pay a fine or miss a court date, then a bench warrant may be issued. Similarly, if you do not complete court-ordered community service or are believed to be in violation of any other order issued by the court, then you may be subject to a bench warrant.

After the warrant is issued, it is added to a nationwide database that can be searched by any law enforcement agency in the U.S. If a bench warrant is issued in Nevada, then the police in Wyoming can easily locate it when a driver is pulled over for speeding. This is why it is so crucial to seek legal counsel for warrants in Las Vegas. You can’t run from a warrant, and doing so just might land you in more trouble.

A Las Vegas defense lawyer may be able to get a warrant quashed. Make an appointment today to learn more about Nevada warrants.