Voting Laws in Nevada

Some Nevada Citizens may be Legally Prohibited from Voting

This election season, some Nevada citizens will be unable to cast their ballot at all. That’s because they are banned from voting altogether. A little-known Nevada law makes it possible to restrain citizens from voting if they have been previously convicted of a felony.

In Nevada, felonies are considered either violent or non-violent. Those who have been convicted of a non-violent felony are able to vote again after they have effectively served their sentence. This means full payment of any court costs or fines charged by the judicial system.

People who were convicted of a violent felony will not fare as well. These individuals do not automatically have their voting rights restored. Instead, they will need to petition the court where they were sentenced in order to have these right s reinstated.

Those who have been convicted of two or more felonies will need to complete a similar process. Voting rights are automatically withheld from second-time felons regardless of whether their offenses were considered violent or non-violent. These citizens must also petition the court for relief in order to have their voting privileges restored.

Many former felons are probably unaware that relief is possible because the law granting it is a fairly new one. Those who are interesting in filing a petition to restore their voting rights can contact a criminal defense attorney for more information.

Maybe it is time to look at sealing your record so that you can take part in the next elections?