Violent Crimes in Las Vegas

Violent Crimes

A violent crime is an offense that occurs when an individual inflicts or threatens to inflict bodily harm upon another person. The violent act can also be part of another criminal offense. One example is assault. You can be charged with assault for intentionally injuring a stranger. You are subject to domestic violence charges if you have a close personal relationship with the victim. Violent crimes are often committed during the commission of another offense, such as extortion and kidnapping. Examples of violent crimes are aggravated assault, manslaughter and robbery.
A conviction for a violent crime can drastically change your future. You can spend several years in prison, pay fines and restitution. The court can require counseling and anger management sessions. After you serve your time, you may be ineligible for international travel and certain employment opportunities. Some organizations may revoke your professional licenses and permits. It’s difficult to get a fresh start with felony record.

A violent crime conviction meets the criteria for the Three Strikes Law. You could receive a mandatory life sentence if you are convicted on two other serious criminal offenses.

If you are arrested for a violent crime, invoke your right to counsel and contact our office. When your future is at stake, you need a veteran criminal defense attorney Las Vegas. It’s important that you have a lawyer who is familiar with violent crime laws and local court procedures. Our legal team will work tirelessly to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case.