Violent Crimes in Las Vegas

Violent Crime

The legal system reserves the harshest penalties for murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, gang-related crimes and domestic violence. If you are arrested and charged with committing a violent crime, you should immediately invoke your right to counsel. Depending upon the offense, you could spend several years in prison or receive the death penalty.

It is important that you hire a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. Our team will schedule an emergency consultation to discuss the circumstances that led to your arrest. We do not believe in a generic defense strategy because there are usually unique mitigating circumstances in every case. You can entrust our experienced team with your defense.

Law enforcement sometimes has a difficult time getting the real story. If you were attacked, the law permits you to defend yourself. There are many legitimate cases of domestic violence, but some people raise false allegations to gain an advantage in other court proceedings. In some instances, the alleged victim may actually be the person who initiated the incident. Some people are arrested on gang charges because they have a close relationship with someone who is a gang member. We can meet with the prosecution and work toward having the charges dismissed or reduced. If necessary, we can conduct pre-trial negotiations and plea bargain for a lesser sentence.

If you or a loved one needs professional representation, contact our office right away. We will explain the charges and the process involved in your arraignment, hearings and trial.

If you have already been convicted, we can handle the appeal. Our team has the experience required to defend clients accused of violent crimes.