Vehicular Homicide via a DUI

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When you or someone you love has been arrested for a criminal charge such as in a DUI accident that resulted in vehicular homicide (NRS 484), a criminal defense lawyer is needed who knows the legal statutes in Las Vegas and is able to apply them for your charge in a court of law. For over 30 years, Cal Potter has successfully represented thousands of individuals in over 25 separate criminal felonies. To win your case, you need a seasoned attorney.Cal Potter has been a criminal defense attorney for over 30 years and he is highly qualified in researching a case as well as strategically developing the case to take before the judge. Lawyers have to be effective in both areas or the evidence is not correctly interpreted, and it falls short of the mark that must be reached in order to successfully win for the client.

For example, in any case involving a traffic accident, the lawyer must be knowledgeable in all of the traffic statutes of that county and state. Mr. Potter knows the laws of Nevada, and he knows how to apply the correct statutes in the case.

Cal Potter uses the same process with felonies, such as the vehicular homicide with the DUI charge. He uses his skill and wisdom to develop a case that will save his client from all of the losses that would be involved in a guilty verdict. Cal Potter also takes the initiative to investigate the prosecutor’s case to have that information, too.

The Potter Law Firm gathers all the pertinent information for each specific case; and Cal Potter strategically unfolds the truth in the incident. After the game plan is formulated, Mr. Potter takes the case to court before a judge where he skillfully presents his findings. Perspective and justice are extremely important to Cal Potter.