Using Tech to Try and Keep Up With Police…

Keeping up with Vegas Police vis Online Scanners

Many people enjoy listening to police scanners in order to keep them informed about what’s going on. The problem with this is that when an individual is out of the area, a scanner will not be useful to them. Police scanners can also be expensive and are cumbersome to carry around from place to place. Now there is a way to listen to the Las Vegas police and fire departments at any time or any place via the Internet.

Several websites have Vegas police feeds including, broadcastify, dxzone, and These sites will allow citizens to listen to police dispatchers online much as they would normally do with a scanner. Some programs are even compatible with mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets.

Listening to police activity online is generally more convenient because residents can listen while they are at work or on the go. It also allows people to keep up with the events that are happening back home whenever they happen to be out of town. Tourists who are planning a visit to Las Vegas might find listening to an online scanner helpful, as this could alert them as to which areas of town they might want to avoid.

There is a down side to online listening, and that is when Internet service is interrupted, users are unable to hear police activity. Even so, the benefits more than outweigh the disadvantages.  Residents will begin to understand the complexity of crime and legal implications after listening to feeds like this for an evening.