Using Falsified Police Reports to Improve Credit Scores?

Officers Say False Police Reports used to Boost Credit Reports

A recent Las Vegas scam involves the use of fabricated police reports to help people boost their credit scores. As a result, the financial crimes bureau of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation that also involves a local credit adjustment firm known as Tradeline Pros, which is located here in Las Vegas.

What appears to have happened is that scammers produced false police reports that claimed an individual was the victim of identity or credit card theft. These reports were then submitted to various credit reporting agencies in an effort to “dispute” certain transactions. In doing so, the perpetrators were hoping to eliminate negative data, thereby boosting their credit scores. In all, more than 100 false reports were submitted, and were said to have originated from a number of police agencies across the country.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police recently identified several suspects in this forgery ring, six of whom have already been formally charged. Arrest warrants have also been issued for four men who have yet to be taken into custody. These individuals all face charges of establishing a financial forgery laboratory, racketeering, and forgery, and could be slapped with extended jail time if they are found guilty of these offenses.

Police are unsure at this time if there are even more instances of forgery that have yet to be uncovered. Those who have additional information about any wrongdoings can contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with the details. Callers may choose to remain anonymous.