Using a Deadly Weapon in a Robbery Can Double Your Sentence

Thief wearing a robbery mask trying to steal a purse bag in a auA recent robbery at a Las Vegas Subway store resulted in a shooting injury to the clerk on duty.

The robbery happened on June 10 at a Subway along the South Maryland Parkway. At around 2:30 in the afternoon a suspect described as a black man entered the store, pulling out a gun and demanding money. Reports don’t detail whether or not the suspect received any money, but he did shoot the clerk, seriously injuring him before fleeing the scene.

If the Las Vegas police identify the perpetrator, then he will be facing charges under NRS 200.380. This is the Nevada law that defines robbery and the penalties for being convicted of this crime. To qualify as robbery, the perpetrator must take items that do not belong to them while using force, violence or the threat of injury. If convicted, the perpetrator will receive a minimum penalty of between two and 15 years. However, if a deadly weapon was used, that minimum sentence may be doubled.

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