Unusual Las Vegas Criminals

Unusual Crimes in Vegas: The Grandpa Bandit 

One of the most unusual unsolved crimes here in Vegas involves a man who is known as the “grandpa bandit.” This elderly man is accused of robbing a Las Vegas bank in 1991, and his identity remains unknown even today.

The robbery occurred in September, 1991 when the grandpa bandit went into a Las Vegas bank to ask for a second mortgage on his home. He then left the bank and returned around 15 minutes later, pulling out a gun and wielding what others in the bank believed to be a bomb. After summoning the manager of the bank, he then affixed one bomb to that man’s wrist and another one to a teller’s.

Once these bombs were in place, he ordered the manager to open the vault so that he could empty all the money out of it. Only after the robber had escaped did the pair discover that the so-called bombs that were attached to their wrists were actually fakes.

Aside from his age, there are some other interesting characteristics about the grandpa bandit. This man was not in a hurry to conduct his operation, as is usually the case with bank robbers. Instead, he took more than ten minutes to pull off his unusual feat. He was also very calm and collected, and did not raise his voice to anyone inside the bank during the entire incident.

During the years since this robbery, police have been unable to identify a possible suspect in this crime. Although the case is still open, police surmise that the grandpa bandit is probably deceased.

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