Unpaid Markers Lead to Seized Bank Accounts, Criminal Complaints

gambling-593210_640Las Vegas is known as a place where people let go of inhibitions. It’s liberating, but some people take it too far. These people may find themselves in debt to a casino thanks to unpaid markers. Owing money to a casino is no laughing matter.

The debtor’s life isn’t on the line as is often depicted in Hollywood movies where gangsters threaten a hapless victim. However, the debtor may find that their freedom and their well-being are in jeopardy. That’s because having unpaid casino markers is considered a crime in Nevada. Because so much of the state’s economy depends upon gambling, prosecutors tend to vigorously pursue people with unpaid markers.

Casinos have a number of options for recovering their losses under NRS 205.130. They may simply seize the appropriate funds from your bank account. If your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the debt, then the casino must notify you in writing regarding your debt. This notification typically allows you 10 days to address the situation. If it remains unresolved, then the casino may make a bad check complaint to the District Attorney.

Don’t let an unpaid casino marker derail your future. Contact the Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at the Potter Law Offices to fight the charges.