Two Suspects May Face Attempted Murder Charges in Las Vegas

Las Vegas police are seeking two men who they say are responsible for shooting four people. Eyewitness accounts say that the two African-American males were involved in a verbal dispute near the intersection of Ogden Avenue and 3rd Street in downtown. Four pedestrians walked by and were drawn into the disagreement.

One of the suspects ducked into a white sedan, coming back out with a handgun. He fired at the four pedestrians, hitting each before he and the other suspect got into the car and drove away. Reportedly, the gunman continued to fire as he fled the scene.

The four victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at University Medical Center. Police are on the lookout for the two suspects. If they are found, they will be charged under NRS 200.471 for assault with a deadly weapon. They are fortunate that they will not be charged with homicide. Still, they may face charges under NRS 200.030 for attempted murder. As a category B felony, a conviction can lead to a period of incarceration for anywhere from two to 20 years.

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