Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can dramatically affect the lives of victims and their families. In many cases, these injuries leave victims permanently disabled, or in need of months, and sometimes years of rehabilitation and therapy.

Dealing with Las Vegas brain injury victims is a very important part of our practice at Potter Law Offices. Although no amount of money can reverse the damage these types of injuries often cause, large settlements are often imperative due to the lifelong care needed.

All too often, people suffering from “mild” brain injury are not properly compensated because their attorney doesn’t fully understand the seriousness and far-reaching consequences of even a seemingly insignificant injury. The medical community is just now learning about the long-term effects of mild brain injury. Memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and personality changes are just a few of the recurring symptoms that can affect people who have sustained these types of injuries.

At Potter Law Offices we have successfully represented numerous people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping victims and their families to recover compensation and future benefits. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively represent you.