Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas

Ignoring a traffic ticket can quickly turn a minor inconvenience into a major problem. That’s because the court will notify the DMV that you failed to appear or pay your fine, which means that your license can be suspended. Even if you do take care of your tickets on time, you could still land in hot water. If you receive three moving violations in a twelve-month period, the DMV can suspend your driving privileges. If you’ve run into trouble on the road, then you need a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney to work for you.

Drivers often think that they are doing the right thing by pleading guilty to a moving violation in Nevada or simply paying their ticket. What they overlook is that a guilty plea adds demerit points to your driving record. Every one of those points can make your insurance premiums skyrocket. That’s bad news for your wallet.

Most people wouldn’t think of hiring a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney. However, this can be a costly mistake. When you hire an attorney, you save time because your lawyer can appear in court on your behalf. What’s more, your legal counsel will comprehensively review the circumstances under which you received the ticket, which may uncover a mistake or some misconduct on the part of law enforcement. Thanks to the assistance of a traffic ticket lawyer in Nevada, dozens of drivers are able to avoid conviction, keep demerit points off of their driving record and stay out of traffic school.

It may be possible for your attorney to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. This means that you will be responsible for a lesser fine or that you may suffer no consequences at all. While it’s true that some traffic tickets are so minor that’s it’s not really worth fighting them, it is worth your time in most cases to at least consider hiring legal counsel. Chances are good that it’s far more affordable than you think.

Whether you have a regular driver’s license or a CDL, seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney who can help you with traffic tickets in Las Vegas just makes sense.