Tired of All the Questions?

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

Why Does an Expert Trial Attorney Ask so Many Questions?

An experienced criminal defense lawyer excels in both research and litigation, and these two opposing functions are necessary to effectively win the case. Cal Potter has developed these over the past three decades and uses them with skill. The Potter Law Firm is a thorough investigative team that supports the successful litigator. Mr. Potter has acquired personal traits that enable him to be an accomplished and expert trial attorney in Nevada.

The Potter Law Firm consists of a powerful legal staff that excels in research and investigation. This excellent staff, hand-picked for their specific talents, supports Cal Potter in every case. They are dedicated and compassionate, so the client receives the benefits of this specialized, professional law firm, which works side-by-side with Attorney Cal Potter.

An effective trial lawyer relies on his level of confidence, honesty, ability to control the courtroom and his innate curiosity, which often reaches beyond the boundaries of a trial lawyer. This broader perspective allows an expert litigator, like Cal Potter, to concentrate on every detail when focused on a case. Asking the questions of who, what and when are expected, but Cal Potter, who has a curiosity for learning, exceeds those limits in a trial to obtain every bit of knowledge that he needs to create his defense.

Experienced trial attorneys know that the solutions in a courtroom may come from the most unusual places, and you need to be prepared. Mr. Potter says that it’s all about perspective, and he has asked the right questions at the right times for thousands of clients. He uses the details to his advantage. When working on a difficult case, Cal Potter knows that you must rely on the evidence at hand, but also be aware of how it is portrayed. Curiosity is a trait that separates an accomplished and successful trial attorney from the pack.