Three Strikes in Las Vegas

Many states and the federal government have instituted a so-called “three-strikes” law. Nevada’s version of this is its “habitual criminal” law under NRS 207.010. Essentially, this law says that anyone who receives a third felony conviction could receive a life sentence in prison. When so much is at stake, it is imperative that the defendant have an experienced Las Vegas three strikes attorney fighting for them. Through their efforts, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped, thereby avoiding a life sentence.

NRS 207.010 treats a third felony conviction as though it is a separate crime. The law further divides repeat offenders into three classes: habitual criminals, habitual felons and habitual fraudulent felons. Prosecutors most often seek charges for habitual criminals because their offenses do not have to include the most serious, violent crimes. Charges for being a habitual felon may be pursued under NRS 207.012 if the defendant is convicted of three felonies involving offenses like murder, rape, kidnapping and first-degree arson. A habitual fraudulent felon is someone who can be shown to have an intent to defraud an elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable individual numerous times.

Twenty years, 25 years and life in prison are all possible sentences for being convicted of three strikes offenses in Las Vegas. Sometimes, the DA will file habitual criminal charges in conjunction with the current felony charge. On other occasions, they will wait to gain a conviction on the current felony charges before choosing to pursue the habitual criminal charge. There have even been instances in which the DA decides not to pursue Nevada three-strikes charges at all.

If you have been convicted of two prior felonies and fear that you may be facing charges for a third, then it is time to act. The services of an experienced Las Vegas three strikes attorney are your best option for protecting yourself from a lengthy prison term. Your attorney will make every effort to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. If this happens, then the DA cannot pursue habitual criminal charges.

Contact an aggressive Nevada criminal defense attorney today. Your future and your freedom may depend upon it.