The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Handle Your Charges

OverviewThe Las Vegas Police take their job seriously especially in arresting and incarcerating someone who allegedly committed a crime. If you have been arrested, you have likely been taken to jail for your arraignment and to determine your bail.

This process can be devasting and confusing for someone arrested for the first time, and it can greatly affect your career and your family relationships because all your arrest information is made public. The legal entities in the process explain very little about what is happening to you; they give you just enough information, but it’s never enough. It is vital at this point to obtain a criminal lawyer like Cal Potter that can unravel the confusion and explain the charges.

You may have been charged with several charges, for instance Grand Larceny NRS 205, Possession of Controlled Substances/Drugs for sale NRS 453, DUI accident NRS 484 and Battery on a Police Officer NRS 200, so the process is more extensive and you are liable for more serious sanctions.

Cal Potter specializes in the difficult cases. He has 30 years of practicing criminal law in Nevada, and he is an expert in this field. With a superior legal team behind him, he confidently unravels the details of your arrest and represents the average citizen. You have no reason to worry as a client of the Potter Law Firm because they have an excellent reputation in attaining best possbile outcome. Contact