The Knockout Game

Knockout Game is Anything but fun for Victims of It 

A dangerous new game is making its way across the country. Dubbed as the “knockout game”, it involves participants choosing a victim at random, and then assaulting that person without warning or provocation in an effort to “knock” them out.

Most often perpetrated by teenagers, those who play the knockout game choose the most vulnerable people to target as their victims. Women, the elderly and handicapped individuals are often targeted because they are easy prey. People are often thrust violently to the ground, and many sustain serious injuries, since these acts often cause them to take a tumble onto hard pavement.

While teens are often involved, the knockout game does not appear to be related to any sort of gang initiation. Instead, it is something that many of these people do for kicks without thinking of the consequences of their actions. As a result, at least one state is considering upping the penalties for those who are caught perpetrating these random acts of violence.

One way to avoid being a knockout victim is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Since the element of surprise is a factor in many attacks, you should avoid talking on your cell phone or otherwise becoming distracted whenever you are out and about. If you belong to one of the targeted groups, try to take someone with you whenever you go out shopping or running errands, since people who are walking alone are much easier to get to than those who are by themselves are.