The Dangers of Unlawful Use of a Hotel Key Card

Businessman in Simple Bribe ConceptLas Vegas has millions of hotel rooms. To access one of those rooms, it’s necessary to have a key card. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to lose track of these cards while they are gambling, shopping and enjoying all of the entertainment that the city offers. That means that the wrong person can get possession of that key card and gain unlawful access to a hotel room.

Nevada has so many hotel rooms that the government enacted NRS 205.900. This is the law governing unlawful hotel key use. There are many circumstances in which charges under NRS 205.900 may be brought. One of these involves a hotel employee who secretly obtains a key card and then uses it to enter a room for illegal purposes like doing drugs or for engaging the services of a prostitute. Another common circumstance relates to swiping a key card to gain access to a hotel room with the intent of stealing hotel or guest property.

In addition to being charged under NRS 205.900, a person arrested for this crime may be charged with burglary, theft, prostitution or drug possession. Clearly, being found guilty of even one of these crimes would bring serious consequences. Being convicted for more than one can mean losing your freedom and being required to pay substantial fines.

The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices treat each client with respect and understanding. With their experience in the Nevada criminal courts, they are well-qualified to represent you against charges under NRS 205.900.