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  • The Serious Consequences of a Methamphetamine DUI Methamphetamines have been in the news in recent years. It's a serious problem in Nevada, and that's why part of NRS 484C.110 addresses methamphetamine DUIs. If you are convicted under NRS 484C.110, then you may be forced to pay a fine of up to $1,000. You may also have to spend some time in jail. Just as troubling, you may be charged with drug possession. Methamphetamine is sold under a number of names. Whether it is called crank, crystal, speed or something else is beside the point. The law is very specific. If you have ingested meth "to a degree which renders you incapable of safely driving," then you may be charged under

    Oct 11,
  • Police Combine Forces to Find Drivers Under the Influence The Nye County Sheriff's Office and Henderson Police recently joined forces to target people driving under the influence. Between August 29 and September 7 the two organizations handed out approximately 540 citations. Most were for speeding. Others involved running red lights, driving with a revoked license and driving without insurance. Also included were nine arrests for DUI.Police officers are trained to look for driving behaviors that may indicate driving under the influence. These include speeding, driving in the dark without headlights, unnecessarily slow driving, swerving, failing to use a turn signal and unnecessary stops. Of course, every driver who exhibits these behaviors is not under the influence. Still, it can mean

    Oct 08,
  • First Time DUI Charges  If you've been arrested for violating NRS 484C.110, driving under the influence, you're probably experiencing a lot of anxiety right now. That's only natural, but it's important to remember that yours is not a situation without hope.If this is the first time you've been arrested for DUI, then chances are good that you'll be charged with a misdemeanor. You'll face lighter penalties than someone who has multiple DUIs. Still, you may be subject to spending as much as six months in jail and be required to pay fines that can easily add up to $1,000 or more. Your driver's license could also be suspended for 90 days. It's frightening to be arrested for a Nevada DUI,

    Jun 11,
  • DUI Attorney in Las Vegas  Las Vegas may be the place where everyone goes to let down their hair, but it has laws like anywhere else. Among those laws are NRS 484C.110, the code for driving under the influence in Nevada. When you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, you need a DUI attorney in Las Vegas to fight for you. As a competent Nevada DUI attorney will tell you, the outcome of any DUI matter isn't a foregone conclusion. Being arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted on whatever charges are brought against you, particularly if you retain a DUI attorney in Las Vegas. If you were pulled over

    May 07,

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