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  • Solicitation and Prostitution in Nevada¬† While there is a prevailing perception that prostitution is legal in Nevada, it is actually illegal in most situations. The only place it is legal is in the licensed brothels, most of which are located in rural areas outside of cities. This misconception leads many to be charged with a violation of NRS 201.354. Many people in Nevada get arrested for solicitation or prostitution as the result of a law enforcement sting operation. Such a sting is technically legal unless an undercover officer posing as a prostitute induces someone to make a solicitation by getting him drunk or spiking his drink. Should this occur, the law enforcement officer is guilty of entrapment, and the solicitation

    Jul 01,
  • Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, and if you find yourself charged with a crime relating to this field, you can call on Cal Potter and Potter Law Offices for help. We believe that everyone deserves the right to a second chance, but we also believe that every person deserves the right to a good legal defense. We will look at all the factors before determining how to defend you against a solicitation charge. Solicitation refers to the act of offering sexual favors in exchange for money, goods or services. This can include those who trade sexual favors for rent and those who sell their bodies on the street. We understand that you might find yourself in a tight spot

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