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  • Conspiracy Charges in Nevada Most people don't realize that conspiring to commit a crime is a punishable offense, even if the crime never happens. Conspiracy, as defined by NRS 199.480, involves "an agreement between two or more persons for an unlawful purpose." Because these agreements frequently are only oral, it can be hard for the state to prove a conspiracy existed, particularly if no crime ever followed the agreement. Because there is often little or no evidence of a conspiracy in Nevada, the prosecution generally relies on the conduct of the parties. However, behavior can be attributed to a number of different motivations, many of which have nothing to do with a criminal conspiracy. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney

    Mar 21,
  • A Concealed Motive Defines Criminal Conspiracy¬† Criminal Conspiracy is more involved in crimes in Las Vegas than you think, but it is often ignored when concealed by other charges. The definition of this charge is found In NRS 199.480, which states that a conspiracy is an agreement between two individuals to commit any of the following crimes: murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping, racketeering or sexual assault. This statute also states that it is considered criminal conspiracy whether the act is legal or illegal. If there is a criminal purpose or motive behind the act that is being committed, it is punishable by law and can lead to severe punishment. If you have been charged with criminal conspiracy, you could be tried

    Dec 14,

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