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  • The Frightening Reality of First-Time DUI Charges Being charged with a first-time DUI or DWI feels like a nightmare. It's easy to envision that your good name and reputation will be lost forever. You can't help but wonder what everyone will say about your arrest. Will you lose your job? Will you go to jail? How is it possible to move forward after being charged with a DUI in Las Vegas? The best answer is to contact the Nevada criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices as soon as possible. With their empathy and legal knowledge they are qualified to help you put a DUI nightmare behind you. Whether you have just been arrested or are facing your day

    Sep 30,
  • Being charged with a DUI in Nevada is frightening, especially when it's your first time. The good news is that most people are only charged with a misdemeanor the first time. The bad news is that the penalties are still fairly stiff. That's why you need a DUI attorney in Las Vegas on your side. It's important to understand what driving under the influence means in Nevada. Usually, anyone who operates a motor vehicle may be charged with a DUI if they have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or if a blood test shows that the driver had ingested prescription and illegal drugs that could have impaired their driving skills. Even if you are driving responsibly and get pulled

    May 22,
  • Reduce DUI Charges with Potter Law Offices Driving under the influence is one of the most serious car-related crimes you can face in Las Vegas. With so many bars, restaurants, casinos and clubs located within the city limits, it's far too easy to stop by for a few drinks after work. Those few drinks lead to a few more, and you might find yourself over the legal limit without even realizing it. One simple mistake shouldn't impact your life. That is why we offer: *A free evaluation of your court case *Methods that can reduce your charge or eliminate that charge completely *The ability to defend you in court and work out a plea agreement outside of court Las Vegas

    Apr 09,
  • Charged with a DUI in Vegas? Let the Potter Law Firm Help  Every year, thousands of people come to Vegas to party and have a good time. Many times, their plans also involve a great deal of alcohol. The old saying that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, won’t be true if you find yourself with a DUI during your visit. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is ever-vigilant in watching out for drunk drivers, which means you could face significant fines and penalties if you are charged.First-time DUI offenders could be given up to six months in jail, fines of up to $1,000 and be required to attend a DUI driving course. Those who have a blood alcohol

    Apr 05,

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