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  • Palms Resort Accused of Providing Drugs and  Prostitutes The Palms Resort here in Las Vegas was recently fined one million dollars for allegedly supplying drugs and prostitutes to undercover agents. In an investigation that began last year, employees of the casino were caught supplying prostitutes and drugs such as Ecstasy and Percocet at three of the nightclubs located there. In all, around a dozen sting operations were conducted between March and May 2012. Undercover agents racked up 17 different counts against the casino, which were detailed in a complaint that was filed against the hotel on January 11, 2013 by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This agency is also responsible for approving the amount of the fine and may also

    Feb 28,
  • Drug Charges: Las Vegas There are many ways that a trip in Las Vegas might end in the courtroom. If your trip has taken a wrong turn, you have no time to lose. The Potter Law Firm is here for anyone who is charged with a drug-related crime, whether they live in the state or are visiting. Take charge of the situation by getting the legal help you need. Drug Law Myths Too often visitors make assumptions about the severity of the drug laws within the parameters of Las Vegas. This can easily happen to anyone, but it is an especially pervasive myth that circulates among visitors and tourists. Many people find out that Nevada has some of the toughest

    Dec 28,

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