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  • Annual Protest ends with Eight Arrests The annual Sacred Peace Walk began in 2010 by the Nevada Desert Experience, a non-profit group whose mission is to “stop testing, development and use of nuclear and other weapons systems…” The Sacred Peace Walk was held this year on Easter weekend, and resulted in a few arrests outside Creech Air Force Base. Protestors involved in the march were carrying papers that were symbolically indicting president Obama of war crimes. They also held banners that protested against drone strikes. Even so, it was not the protest itself or the message they spread that got members in the group in trouble. Instead, they were arrested because they blocked traffic into the military installation. A video

    Apr 02,
  • Local Gang Member Pleads Guilty, Faces Prison Sentence One member of a local gang is no longer a threat to Vegas residents. Reginald Dunlap pled guilty on December 7, 2012 to charges of conspiracy to engage in racketeering involving the murder of Billy Thomas. He also pled guilty to possession of cocaine. Dunlap is a member of the Playboy Bloods, an affiliate of the much-large Bloods street gang. A select number of these gang members also belong to a group known as Full Throttle Clique, and are among some of the more dangerous Playboy Bloods members. Full Throttle Clique members often commit especially violent acts including murder. Dunlap was said to be a member of this group as well. Murder

    Jan 09,
  • Criminal Defense: Las Vegas Attorney There is a popular perception in Las Vegas concerning the practice of criminal defense law. The mistaken belief that a criminal defense attorney's job is to defend criminals is all too common. Anyone accused of committing a crime is to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. The practice of upholding these rights is known as criminal defense law. If you are accused of a crime, you are entitled to legal representation. This ensures that you are granted all of the legal protections required by law. Potter Law has many years of experience in representing clients accused of committing a crime: • Hard evidence that can establish reasonable doubt according to the circumstances of your

    Feb 21,

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