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  • Las Vegas is a place many people go to blow off some steam. Most of the time, the only consequence is a hangover. Unfortunately, some activities have longer lasting consequences. Whether you live in Las Vegas or are just visiting, sometimes you need a criminal defense lawyer. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, don't panic because you're not alone. Every year, thousands of people get arrested and require a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas. Whether you've been accused of kidnapping, sexual assault or murder, a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer is prepared to be your advocate. Even charges of using a fake ID or trespassing can carry serious legal consequences, so it's never a good idea

    May 05,
  • Recidivism is a national problem, with approximately 40 percent of all offenders returning to prison within three years after being released. In Nevada, the recidivism rate is much lower than the rest of the country; however, some claim this figure is misleading because of the high number of out-of-state inmates incarcerated here. Approximately 28 percent of inmates will return to Nevada prisons within three years according to a study by the Nevada Parole Commission in 2009. Even so, approximately 20 percent of all those held in Nevada prisons are actually residents of California, and are serving time for crimes they committed while vacationing here. Many of them return to their home state upon release, which means that any subsequent prison

    Apr 19,
  • Many people believe the validity of DNA when it comes to determining the perpetrator of a crime. But what if that evidence were tainted or worse yet, planted at the scene by the real criminal in order to frame an innocent person? The results of a study performed in 2009 show these scenarios are entirely possible, and how many times they have been performed is really anybody’s guess. Scientists in the UK performed a study whereby they obliterated traces of an individual’s DNA and then replaced it with that of another person. The results of this study were astonishing, as it resulted in other scientists mistakenly identifying the source of the DNA. One of the researchers, Dan Frumkin claimed that

    Apr 06,
  • Former Postal Worker Charged with Identity Theft A 34-year-old Las Vegas man recently pled guilty in federal court to aggravated identity theft. The former postal worker was accused of stealing information from 12 different people between May and July 2011. That’s when he was employed at a post office here in Las Vegas as a mail sorter. The defendant was said to have taken personal information relating to credit and debit cards. He then used this information to access bank accounts and purchase other items with. As a result of his actions, the man was sentenced to two years in federal prison and was also ordered to pay $5,951 in restitution to his victims. He is currently free on bond

    Mar 12,
  • Legal Assistance for Las Vegas Visitors Approximately 36 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year to enjoy the world-class entertainment venues, shopping and dining. Unfortunately, many tourists are arrested for allegedly violating state laws. Common offenses include drug possession, solicitation and failure to pay a casino marker. If you are detained and charged with a criminal offense, you need the assistance of experienced defense lawyers Las Vegas. It is essential that you invoke you right to legal counsel and contact our office. An arrest in Las Vegas can disrupt your travel plans and your life. Misdemeanor offenses, such as traffic violations, trespassing and jaywalking, are punishable by fines up to $1,000 and incarceration for up to six months. The criminal

    Jun 06,

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