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Famous Las Vegas Mafia Members

Lefty Rosenthal: Legendary Vegas Executive with Ties to Organized Crime Las Vegas has seen its share of notorious criminals, and one of the more recent ones was Frank “lefty” Rosenthal. A former casino executive, Rosenthal was responsible for overseeing the Fremont, Hacienda, Stardust and Marina hotels on the strip and was rumored to have ties…

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Attorneys with Forensic Training

When criminal cases involve extensive forensic evidence, sifting through this evidence in order to prepare for trial can be cumbersome. Defense attorneys can become more familiar with this type of evidence while also meeting their continuing education requirements by attending a seminar here in Las Vegas. Titled “Making Sense of Science”, this seminar is intended…

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Assault and Battery Attorney

Assault and Battery: Attorneys, Las Vegas There are a few critical distinctions between the charge of assault and the charge of battery. The first distinction involves the degree of the charge, and the second involves the combination of these two charges. For example, there are various levels of severity that could apply to the charge…

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Finding the Right Criminal Defense Firm

Criminal Defense: Las Vegas Attorney There is a popular perception in Las Vegas concerning the practice of criminal defense law. The mistaken belief that a criminal defense attorney’s job is to defend criminals is all too common. Anyone accused of committing a crime is to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. The practice of upholding…

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Nevada Burglary Law Overview

Burglary Law in Nevada Unlike other crimes, burglary charges can be imposed on someone who has not actually committed the act of burglary. This may come as a surprise because, it is somewhat unusual. Most crimes require evidence that the act had actually taken place; however, in Nevada, successfully establishing the intent to commit a…

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