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  • The Nevada National Guard partners with the Clark County court system in order to operate Project SOAR, which stands for “seeking opportunity, accepting responsibility.” This program offers military style training for juveniles who have recently became involved with the criminal justice system in an effort to keep them from re-offending. Project SOAR takes place over a three to four day period, and includes intense physical activity that is designed to challenge the mind as well as the body. A few of the activities that take place here include a six-mile hike and rope climbing. Students will also have the opportunity to learn more about different career opportunities by way of field trips sponsored by this camp. Participants will also receive

    Aug 06,
  • Juveniles and Firearms in Nevada: Circumstances and Exceptions The best way to fight the charge of illegally carrying or using a firearm in Nevada is to understand the various legal issues that might be involved in your case. Although the law regarding minors operating firearms might at first seem obvious, closer scrutiny reveals quite a few nuances in the Nevada legal code. One potentially problematic area involves correctly classifying the situation. For example, Nevada law has two basic categories for this offense: Juvenile Possession/Use of a Firearm When dealing with a minor charged with illegal use of a firearm in Nevada, our main goal is to keep their record clean. Since there are certain circumstances in which a child may

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