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  • Title 5 of the Nevada Revised Statute deals with juvenile justice and the various crimes committed by minors. Since those under 18 are considered less culpable for their actions, the punishment for juvenile acts tends to be less severe than it would be if an adult committed the same offense. That doesn’t mean juvenile offenses are nothing to worry about, as children can still be subject to significant jail time and penalties, depending on the offense. Having the right attorney is especially important in juvenile matters, because an incident has the potential to affect a child for some time after he or she reaches adulthood. The role of a defense attorney should be to see that the punishment fits the

    Jun 18,
  • Though the court seals juvenile records, those records can seriously impact your child's future. Depending on the type and severity of the crime, the court may also decide to try your child as an adult. As a parent, you want to look after your child, and here at Potter Law Offices, we want you to know that we can help you care for your child. Las Vegas is home to millions of people of all ages. The court system sees dozens of juvenile cases every week, and the prosecutor might want to get the case over with as fast as possible. Instead of accepting a plea bargain or trying to argue the case yourself, let us do the legwork.

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