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  • Practical Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft During 2011, the Federal Trade Commission received nearly 270,000 complaints related to identity theft. Having your identity stolen can create a number of problems for you, namely unwanted debt and a higher likelihood of bankruptcy. Here are some measures you can take to avoid becoming a statistic. Be mindful of how you use your smart phone to conduct financial transactions. You should only do so on a secured network so that others can’t hack into your phone. Be sure to lock your phone when not in use, and call your carrier immediately whenever you lose or misplace your phone. Maintain a personal relationship with the employees at your bank. Rather than going through the

    Oct 18,
  • Credit or Debit Card Fraud Fraud is the act of intentionally taking, obtaining, buying, selling, using or forging someone else’s credit or debit card or the corresponding card information. The law also encompasses knowingly using a card that is expired or revoked. You can be charged with credit card fraud if you knowingly sell goods or services to someone who is using a credit or debit card illegally. Another common offense is using a credit card without sufficient funds to pay the bill when it arrives. This can occur when you are expecting funds in the future and use the card as a short-term bridge loan. Merchants bear the cost of these fraudulent transactions. As a result, they frequently request

    Aug 03,

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