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Las Vegas Homicide Attorney

Charged with Homicide? Maintain your Innocence by Seeking Legal Counsel Now  Homicide in Nevada is described as “the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.” It does not have to involve the physical act of killing someone, as providing them with a controlled substance in violation of Chapter 453 of the Nevada Revised…

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Homicide Charges in Las Vegas

Find Help for Homicide Charges in Las Vegas  Las Vegas courts will only charge individuals with homicide if the court determines that enough evidence exists to prove the charge. Before the court charges you with homicide, the prosecutor will argue to the grand jury that he or she has enough evidence to push the case…

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An Assault now Ruled a Homicide

October 2011 Beating now Ruled a Homicide A Las Vegas crime victim who was beaten in October 2011 has died as a result of his injuries. Police say that Nathaniel Young, 57, passed away on April 23 after suffering for a year and a half with head injuries. Those injuries were the result of a…

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Las Vegas Defense Lawyer for Homicide

Las Vegas: Defense Lawyer Serious criminal charges can have a devastating effect on one’s life and livelihood. Being charged with homicide in Las Vegas is certainly no exception. When your career, your reputation and your life are on the line, having a skilled legal defense team is imperative. Not only does your legal representation have…

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