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Manslaughter or Murder? It’s All About Intent

The Nevada Revised Statute classifies manslaughter into two categories: voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary manslaughter is defined in Section 200.070, and involves the killing of another during the commission of an unlawful act or a lawful act that might produce such a consequence. Voluntary manslaughter is spelled out in Section 200.050, and involves a killing done…

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Homicide Charges in Las Vegas

Find Help for Homicide Charges in Las Vegas  Las Vegas courts will only charge individuals with homicide if the court determines that enough evidence exists to prove the charge. Before the court charges you with homicide, the prosecutor will argue to the grand jury that he or she has enough evidence to push the case…

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Lawmakers in Las Vegas Seeking to Help Arm Teachers?

Nevada Lawmakers Support Arming Teachers In order to curb school violence, two lawmakers here in Nevada are backing a proposal that would allow school officials to become armed. It’s just one of the many ideas being considered to improve school safety and champion the rights of gun owners throughout the state, as crime decreases in…

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Las Vegas Murder in the Family

In a bizarre twist of events, a Las Vegas woman and her son have been charged with trying to kill her husband. Amy Pearson, 42; her brother Richard Pearson, 49 and her adopted son Michael Bessey, 21 have all been arrested for the attempted murder of Robert Bessey, 49. Amy and Robert were in the…

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Crime Tourism?

Notorious Crime Scene an Offbeat Vegas Attraction Las Vegas is home to an infamous crime scene which has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in its own right. The murder location of rapper Tupac Shakur is often visited by tourists, and the scene is also featured on numerous websites. The actual location of the shooting…

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