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  • What is a Misdemeanor and a Felony, with NRS numbers? There are two different categories that charges fall in, and they are misdemeanors and felonies. The legal system uses these two categories to differentiate the penalties for crimes. Misdemeanors are defined as crimes serving up to one year in jail and felonies are those with over a one-year prison time. Some common misdemeanors, with their NRS numbers, are prostitution (201.354), petty theft (205), public intoxication ( 258.260), reckless driving (484B.653), trespassing (207.200), disorderly conduct (CCO 12.33.010) and casino markers (205.130). With the right lawyer, many of these can be expunged. Some common felonies include burglary (205.060), arson (205), manslaughter (200.050), vehicular homicide (484C.130), murder (200), theft (205.0832), racketeering (207.400), kidnapping

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