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  • A Look at what Constitutes Embezzlement In Nevada, embezzlement occurs whenever someone is entrusted with the money or property of another, and then uses that position for personal gain. In order to be considered embezzlement, the perpetrator must have legal access, but not ownership, of the property. It is considered a crime of moral turpitude because it violates a sacred trust between the victim and the actor.When deciding how to punish embezzlement, courts tend to look at the amount of money or property involved. Some of the common thresholds include: Property valued at less than $650 is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 Property valued between $651 and $3,499 is punishable

    Jun 08,
  • Las Vegas Embezzlement Questions Another question that has been asked deals with whether, in fact, while at work, if you take money and intend to put it back – and maybe you have a good reason for taking the money, at least in your mind, whether you can be charged if the intent was to put the money back. In a crime such as embezzlement, the crime occurs when there is a taking.  It doesn’t matter whether you had good intentions or bad intentions – whether you wanted to help the sick relative, buy diapers for your baby or do anything that you thought might benefit some third person.  The fact that you take money in a job setting, the

    Oct 19,
  • Embezzlement Charges Embezzlement occurs when an individual entrusted with funds, goods or property of a business or organization misappropriates the valuables for their benefit. It is a criminal offense to use the valuables for any reason or purpose other than what the owner intended. An important factor in these cases is that the individual intentionally defrauded the lawful owner or stole the valuables. The severity of the offense will determine whether you are subject to misdemeanor or felony charges. Embezzlement is typically described as a white collar crime. You can face state and federal charges for the same alleged criminal act. This increases the potential punishment for the offense. The value of the property will influence the penalties for the

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