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Embezzlement Lawyer Las Vegas

A Look at what Constitutes Embezzlement In Nevada, embezzlement occurs whenever someone is entrusted with the money or property of another, and then uses that position for personal gain. In order to be considered embezzlement, the perpetrator must have legal access, but not ownership, of the property. It is considered a crime of moral turpitude…

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Embezzlement Questions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Embezzlement Questions Another question that has been asked deals with whether, in fact, while at work, if you take money and intend to put it back – and maybe you have a good reason for taking the money, at least in your mind, whether you can be charged if the intent was to…

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Las Vegas NV Embezzlement Attorneys

Embezzlement Charges Embezzlement occurs when an individual entrusted with funds, goods or property of a business or organization misappropriates the valuables for their benefit. It is a criminal offense to use the valuables for any reason or purpose other than what the owner intended. An important factor in these cases is that the individual intentionally…

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