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  • Why do Attorneys hire other Lawyers to Represent them in Criminal Matters?  Lawyers don’t just defend other people-they are sometimes the accused as well. When this happens, many will hire another attorney to represent them rather than taking the case on themselves. Why does this happen, and how does it benefit a lawyer to hire another legal professional for representation? The biggest reason for attorneys hiring their own lawyers is because of the emotional distress involved in a personal case. Being accused of a crime can be stressful, and lawyers may have difficulty preparing their own defense as a result. Their emotions could also cause them to make decisions reactively rather than thinking things through. An individual may not be

    Feb 28,
  • Aiding and Abetting In criminal law, an abettor is a person who willingly and knowingly helps or encourages another individual carry out a crime. This includes providing funds, information or helping the individual evade law enforcement. Other forms of assistance include driving the vehicle used to flee the scene, providing false defenses and prompting or encouraging the individual to commit the act. Abetting is a punishable offense. The abettor is treated as a willing assistant who can receive the same punishment as the individual who actually committed the crime. The assistance can occur during the planning stages, during the commission of the crime or after the act. The abettor doesn’t have to be at the crime scene. The prosecutor may

    Jul 10,

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