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  • Risk Factors for Gangs Indicate need for Early Intervention Gangs are becoming ever more prominent here in Vegas. Certain youth are more likely to become involved in gangs than others are, which means early intervention should be established whenever possible in order to prevent this from happening. The neighborhood one lives in often plays a role in gang recruitment. Impoverished neighborhoods tend to have a higher than average population of gang members in them, because there are fewer social and economic opportunities available. A high presence of gangs or drugs makes it more likely that youth in that area will later become involved in these groups as they grow older. Children who are the product of broken families are also

    Oct 10,
  • Domestic Violence Charges: Las Vegas Defense Attorney Fighting charges of domestic violence in Las Vegas can have unintended consequences if you do not have adequate legal representation. This is often true for both parties involved in the dispute. The result can be equally unsatisfactory to all sides concerned and may result in the imposition of: • Mandatory marriage counseling or a requirement to see a domestic violence counselor • Mandatory anger management or drug and alcohol classes • Restraining orders or a maximum sentence If convicted, you could receive a sentence that will change the entire trajectory of your life. Incarceration is known to have serious consequences on one’s career prospects for many years into the future. Regardless of the

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